We fuel conscious & ethical businesses. Together, we form the Ethical Uprise, bringing forth meaningful commerce to the world.

About Ethical Uprise

We are on a mission. A soul-inspired, human-led, heart-centered mission to help people live their passions through thriving businesses. We see money as a tool that has been often misused in this world, but we are reclaiming it for good.

Our mission is to create a cycle of goodness.

We help businesses that heal others and inspire the world to thrive. The service we create allows for more people to be reached and more healing-oriented businesses to thrive. And a portion of the money generated from our business is then invested into projects for healing the earth. It is a circle of goodness and we are growing it EVERY DAY!

The times they are a changing. We choose to co-create this change in a beautiful way that deepens commerce and helps people thrive by pursuing their calling.

We are called to help. Let us know what we can do to support your growth and success.

Included for everybody

Customer Relations Management

  • Organize Potential Clients into Pipelines

  • Add Tags depending on User Behavior

  • See analytics on people added to pipeline vs. number who purchased

  • Easy Drag and Drop organization method


Automations and Workflows

  • Automated Appointment Booking

  • Automated Webinar, Appointment, and Event reminders

  • Email Campaigns on Autopilot

  • Client behavior triggers internal notifications and keeps you up to date



  • Value of new clients in your business

  • Conversion Rates

  • Lead Sources

  • Tracks client journey

  • Call Tracking


Websites and Web

  • Create Landing Pages

  • Create Full Blown websites integrated with automation

  • Create Forms and Surveys

  • Create full sales funnels and payment pages

  • Create Membership only websites and courses


Optional extras

  • Advanced onboarding

Let us help you get started with template setup from your existing appraisal and 1-on-1 training for you and your team.

$500 one-off payment (+ tax)

  • Lead Generation Upgrade

We Can Manage your

From $995 per month

  • Full Marketing Makeover

Make it look like you have been working for hours to produce a report complete with your company branding.

From $1995 per month

Ethical Uprise Digital Lab is an Marketing Solutions business founded to bring success to the meaningful businesses of the world.

In 2023 every business needs an easy way to make themselves available online, without the added headache and stress that technology sometimes brings.

We offer technology to make your life easier and your vision to succeed.


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